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Who Are You?

Honsa-Binder Printing


Print buyers, like most consumers, are all looking for something a little different. Some want the latest technology for the lowest price and prefer doing business online. Others value face-to-face interaction and service—but again, they’re looking for the best deal. All customers want quality. For Honsa-Binder Printing, their challenge was to educate their website customers about value, or exactly what they get for their price point, which can often be more easily done in person than online. A second challenge: managing expectations about customization. Some of their buyers familiar and comfortable with technology wanted to be able to customize beyond what their old system allowed or the boundaries it had set.

Over a Century of Service

Honsa-Binder Printing has more than 100 years of experience in the printing industry. Their history dates back to the births of two separate companies: one in 1912 and the other in 1920. The two companies combined forces in 2005 and, since the merger, they’ve grown in manpower, square footage and equipment. Their mission: to provide their customers with the highest-quality products and services in a timely fashion at competitive prices.

Who They Do Business With

Print buyers, from those with decades of print experience to those just ordering for 
the first time, are doing business with Honsa-Binder. Their online customers tend to be individuals working for larger companies who are responsible for placing supply orders for their location or departments. These buyers are typically less familiar with the printing process and don’t want to spend a lot of time on their ordering experience. With that in mind, Honsa-Binder needed a website with user-friendly tools and the ability to customize services for each account.

What They Wanted to Accomplish

Honsa-Binder wanted to implement an online ordering process that would allow their customers to:

  • Place orders according to their own schedules.
  • See a proof before submitting an order.
  • Easily navigate and control the ordering process.
  • Set limits for customization in order to maintain a company’s consistent brand look.

This would give their customers more autonomy in placing their orders, proofing their documents and approving their orders, all from the convenience of their own office or home.

Where They Found a Solution

Implementing VersaDoc™ on their website meant Honsa-Binder could give their customers the ability to order branded marketing materials 24/7 and see an immediate proof, saving everyone involved both time and money. For print shops with a high volume of reorders and clients who work for companies with multiple locations or a large number of employees, VersaDoc is especially useful. With VersaDoc, clients have access to a 24-hour, password-protected online portal. It puts the ordering process directly into the customer’s hands by being able to approve their own orders.

Their Results

“VersaDoc has been so wonderful for my customers who use  the website. They get to see exactly what they are going to get—no surprises. It is in their hands, and they can double-check numbers and spelling, which makes life a lot easier than back-and-forth emails. The questions have been reduced too, which makes life happier on all sides.” – Joleen Moyer

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Let’s get better acquainted.

Tell us more about your printshop. That will help us better understand how we can help you.