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“VersaDoc has automated our ordering process so we don’t always have to do proof internally. Our clients can just proof and order a business card without having to call or email us directly. PrinterPresence has come a long way in web-based e-commerce products for printers. There are other providers, but they have the best interface for the price. The ability for our customers to pay us right away online is really helpful. This makes the process a lot smoother and easier because they have prepaid before we even receive the order.“

“We promote our site as an easy way for our customers to transfer files, place orders, request quotes. Our ability to handle large files is a huge selling point. It really gives us a high-tech advantage over the competition“

“The product fits our needs perfectly. Quick support when issues arise. Exceptional follow up post resolution to an issue.“

“After all these years working with this software, Gary, from Support, opened my eyes to a different section that I wasn't familiar with. As always, Gary is most helpful and knowledgeable.“

“In less than one year I gained numerous accounts due to the capabilities of my website. Four, specifically, elected to use us as their primary print supplier based on one factor – the online ordering utilities offered through our website. These four accounts average $100,000 in annual revenue.“

“Most of the new accounts we have established within the past year have been influenced by our ability to offer interactive online ordering of products – business cards, postcards, posters and letterhead. The staff at PrinterPresence has been friendly to work with and accommodating in their flexibility to come through for us when the pressure is on.“

“It takes forever to write and develop ads, so the time I save using MarketPresence alone is a significant value. I spend roughly a fourth of
the time I used to devote to marketing.”

“Our website is our introduction into the broader business community. For us to have this great site that gives us a 24-hour presence for our customers and potential customers is amazing. It keeps us at the forefront of peoples’ minds. PrinterPresence gave me an education. Not only did they show me how to use their amazing content management tool, they made me an expert.“

“Since we’ve started using PrinterPresence, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of responses we get through our website. We get compliments on our design, it’s much simpler for our clients to upload files to us, we appear on a Google search for printers, which we didn’t before. Our experience has just been awesome.“

“Online ordering has added a whole new dimension to our website and business, allowing us to compete better in the online space. The back-end is so easy to use and set up. In fact, I had our first products up and running in about 30 minutes. I'm very impressed.“

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PrinterPresence clients see an average increase in online revenue of 30%.

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Let’s get better acquainted.

Tell us more about your printshop. That will help us better understand how we can help you.